OHM Disco

OHM Disco

OHM a rocking day pub near Jaipur airport featuring sophisticated sound system, energetic dance environment on live or recorded music, impressive décor, great effects with pulsing lights. Experience the ravishing parties on all main events of the year at one of the most happening discotheques of Jaipur. Leave all your fatigue of the week behind, hit the glimpsed dance floor and lost in the rocking music. Get recreated you in the ultimate scrumptious dining experience in one the finest and modern discotheque of the town. Make the first visit in your free time and then be a regular visitor after experiencing the stylish, exaggerated and vibrant atmosphere and ambiance of OHM. Be ready to enjoy the memorable disco and dine with your friends.

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Large plasma display unit.
Satellite and teleconferencing.
LCD and projectors.
Live DJ
DJ Nights
Wireless internet.
Privilege Membership
Home Delivery Available